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Toddler’s College is a family-owned and operated business since 2004. We appreciate you as a parent, taking your time to research schools in order to make the best choice of school placement for your child.

We are happy that you have found us and we are happy to help you in the process of reaching your decision on such an important step in your child’s “early education foundation”.


The mission of Toddler College is to provide safe, affordable, high quality child care for the students of Jefferson/Orleans Parishes and the community.


Our vision is to be the recognized leader in providing the best care for infants, toddlers, preschool, and school age children.


Diversity, warmth, happiness, love and total acceptance are integral components of Toddler College philosophy. 

Core Values

Recognize that children are best understood and supported in the context of family, culture, community, and society.

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